My boyfriend doesn't like cannabis

My boyfriend has very bad allergies and also it is not just seasonal allergies.

Those allergies that she has exists throughout the year.

It has been especially bad since she has gotten much older. I do my best to be extremely supportive and also help when necessary. There are only so many things that I can appreciate to do. I drive the guy to medical appointments and also he does not ever have to worry about driving on his own. I also don’t smoke cannabis inside which is actually very tough during the summer seasonal weather. I am an avid and daytime cannabis user. I am a person that does not have the ability to smoke in their home. Both of us have so several options because the cannabis dispensary has strange smokeless options available for me. Dozens of these strange options include Edibles, vape pens, and they are just the same as smoking. 100% of the time, I enjoy cannabis and it does not matter if it is a blunt, rolled weed, or something smoked in a bong. My hubby is not usually home and then there are times when I do not choose to smoke inside. The smoke seems like at 6 to almost everything. When it is not convenient I remember lots of times that my cannabis use will be pressing to the respiratory health of my husband. If I have to go outside to use the cannabis items, then that is the one thing that I will do because that is the choice that I will make for him.


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