My brother’s daughter takes CBD oil for epilepsy

I was brimming over with excitement when my brother and his wife announced their pregnancy. That meant I would be an uncle before hitting 30. Since I have always been great with kids, I knew that I would love their child regardless of whether it’s a niece or a nephew. Imagine my excitement when I saw their daughter for the first time, staring up at me with those innocent eyes. My heart melted and I had an immediate feeling of unconditional love. As she got older, it was exciting to see her grow up. However, we were all devastated as he health started to decline at the age of two. She was admitted to the hospital with a seizure and that’s where she was diagnosed with epilepsy. I felt so terrible for my brother and his wife, but I think I felt even worse for my niece who would be suffering the most from this disorder. Unfortunately the epilepsy got worse with time, and by the age of six she was having multiple seizures daily and the medications weren’t doing enough. It felt like a sign from God when my brother saw a documentary about epilepsy and CBD oil appear in the recommended videos in his Youtube feed. He went out and bought a few CBD products from his local pharmacy and gave them to his daughter in low doses at first. After slowly increasing the amount of CBD oil, my niece’s seizures started to decrease in both frequency and length. Now that she’s consuming several hundred milligrams of CBD daily, her epilepsy is finally under control. Without the amazing CBD oil, my niece would have no quality of life.


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