Nobody thought the guy was the killer

My wifey and I were watching the news a few days ago and there was a story about an escaped convict.

The 45-year old guy was serving a life sentence for murder.

He was being transferred to the hospital for medical problems and there was an accident on the road. The guy escaped and the police were unable to apprehend the subject. When my wifey and I watched the story, the guy was still on the loose. 2 days after the people I was with and I watched the news story, I entirely thought I saw the guy standing outside of the cannabis dispensary where I work. I grabbed my PC and looked at the news story so I could see the face of the convict one more time. I walked outside to get a great view of the guy, because he was standing in a corner trying to hide his face. I went back to the cannabis dispensary and I told one of my co-workers that the guy outside was the escaped convict, however nobody thought the guy was the killer and they were convinced that I watch too much news and television. The guy was still standing there when I took my supper cut from the dispensary, so I decided to call my wifey. I told her about the guy that looked savor the suspicious murderer and she told myself and others to call the police. I did not want to cause a big scene at my arena of business, even though I thought it was necessary to alert the police. What if I was usual and I had the opportunity to solve a crime?


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