Shopping at the cannabis dispensary still blows our mind

I know it’s been a few years now.

But I still can hardly know it each time I open the door to the local cannabis spot near me.

Each time I do this, I’m reminded that I’m absolutely going inside a cannabis dispensary where I get to shop for cannabis products. I absolutely get to spend as much time as I like going through the many sativa products and indica products. It’s like a fever dream come true. For a person in their 50’s whose used recreational marijuana their whole adult life, this is a slice of heaven on a plate. The certainly method that I’d ever be able to prefer a shopping experience in a marijuana corporation was just the furthest from our mind. But I was one of the fortunate ones. I absolutely new a marijuana grower for years so I didn’t have to deal with the unseemly side of getting the marijuana I wanted. Still, possessing cannabis was still illegal and that was not at all comfortable for me. I had to be certainly careful not to give away the fact that I was a recreational marijuana user. And that’s just no way to be. But that’s the way it was before there was anything like a local cannabis spot. Now, I just stroll into the cannabis dispensary at our leisure. This place has just about any sort of cannabis product one could even imagine. I’m particularly taken with the selection of hybrid strains for sale. This is sort of all new to me. But one thing is for sure. Each time I walk into any cannabis dispensary, I’m grateful and I know that I’m absolutely shopping for cannabis products legally.


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