The contest seemed to be rigged

In the rage to have competitions and also contests, it seems that many art forms are misused.

Cooking shows are easily one example.

They’re simply an art of making these delicious foods and with these types of art, results can honestly be quite subjective. One-person pallet may find for the food to be salty, but the next person’s palette may be completely different. A contest with a simple delicious food is slightly silly when you are thinking about what is one dish or film compared to the next. Recently my friend and also myself were visiting a place to be judges in a contest about cannabis. Both of us disagreed with the concept but accepted our invitation because we were not going to turn down any free cannabis. Money for us is certainly tight in these times and cannabis is something that is unaffordable. This particular cannabis category is a lot of money and the higher quality cannabis is not something that I can normally score. My friends and I were pacing ourselves to judge this strange strains of sativa and also Indica. They had an immense one and I eventually could not tell between one or the other. They were absolutely fantastic and it seemed to be that we were honestly amazed at all of the wonderful strange. My friends and I honestly remember very little of the problem and we easily voted for a winner of that cannabis convention. The time we had together was sort of vague but that is one reason why we actually use cannabis.


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