The delivery guy dropped the boxes on the floor

Every Tuesday we got a shipment from the Cannabis distributor.

the distributor sends a truck directly from the factory.

They bring dried cannabis flower, concentrate, and edibles. We also get vape pens and cartridges from the supplier. The cannabis delivery guy usually arrives around the same time each week, so I was surprised last Tuesday when the weekly delivery was late. A new guy showed up in the delivery truck and I quickly realized that was the reason for the delay. He was probably just learning the route. I tried to be friendly with the delivery driver, but he had a terrible attitude. We had about twenty boxes on the truck. He dropped each one of the boxes in the middle of the floor. I heard one of the boxes hit the ground and then there was a shattering sound. I opened the box that was filled with cannabis concentrate. Half of the jars were in disarray. Some of them were broken. Just as I was getting ready to say something to the delivery driver, he dropped the last two boxes on the table next to the pile. I lost my cool and I started yelling and screaming. I contacted the distributor and I told them all about the delivery driver. I tallied all of the broken supplies and the delivery driver ended up breaking almost $1,000 worth of cannabis supplies from the distributor. There was absolutely no way they could ignore the problem with that much merchandise destroyed due to negligence. I don’t know what will happen to that guy but I better not see his face again in my store.


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