The guy told me to take a bottle of 25 year outdated maclellan

Ten people in my village were growing cannabis on their farms, then instead of each farmer applying for a business license, both of us decided to apply as a co-op.

By banding together as a co-op, both of us can save a lot of cash on insurance, and the two of us can also save cash on clones, because both of us can purchase them in bulk.

The licensing for the co-op was certainly confusing and I was upset. The two of us did not entirely suppose how to get the appropriate licenses, so I agreed to contact a lawyer in the state capital for help. I contacted several unusual suppliers that are supposed to help marijuana farmers. None of them had time to meet with me, even for thirty minutes. I must have called a hundred unusual suppliers before I finally found a cannabis consulting supplier that was willing to help. The owner of the supplier drove to our farm and met with all many owners of the coop. The guy helped us fill out the paperwork for our licenses and permits. After they were completed and submitted, I had to meet with someone from the state capital. I was designated to be the one spokesperson for the group. I was worried meeting the guy holding our fate in his hands, but the lawyer from the consulting firm offered me a piece of great advice, then he told me to bring a 25 year outdated bottle of Maclellan to the meeting. I did not suppose it at the time, but that was the official’s favorite and favorite drink. As soon as the guy saw the scotch, it was smooth sailing.


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