The thieves left a fingerprint on the back door

Only a couple of weeks ago, someone broke into the cannabis dispensary that I managed; I was in charge of locking up that night.

  • I closed the back door and I set the alarm, then the shop was closed tightly when I left for the night! During the middle of the evening, a burglar used a crowbar to open the back door.

The alarm never rang, which is still a really peculiar part of that night that is unexplainable. The burglar took almost $2,500 worth of cannabis supplies, and when I arrived at the store the next day, I saw a lot of destruction. The burglar did not take time to carefully choose his selections. The store looks love a hurricane came through. The Sheriff’s Office came to the dispensary to get information about the crime. They ran tests on the back door for fingerprints. The owner of the cannabis shop got fortunate, because one of the thieves left a fingerprint on the back door. The police dusted the door and ended up with a honestly nice fingerprint that was easy to recognize. The owner of the cannabis shop did not hear any replaces about the crime until last weekend. Another crime was committed on the south side of town and the perpetrator seemed really similar to the person that broke into the cannabis shop. They had a fingerprint from both crime scenes and they were an exact match. The thieves were fast and slick, however they weren’t really careful when using their hands to pry open the door. The police were really close to catching the thief after the minute break in.


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