Cannabis topicals for psoriasis treatment

I have suffered from psoriasis since shortly after my second child was born.

  • It took me a while to figure out that the rash on my knees and elbows wasn’t going away on its own.

When the red, itchy patches spread down my legs, I finally went to the doctor. After I realized that it was a skin condition called psoriasis, I did some research. I learned that doctors aren’t really sure what causes it. It could be hereditary or caused by stress, and there is no known cure. Sometimes psoriasis just disappears and other times it worsens to and shows up on the face or scalp. There are various treatments that are extremely expensive and not overly effective. If a medication works for a little while, the psoriasis will gradually build up a tolerance. I was unhappy relying on pharmaceuticals that include a long list of potential side-effects. I prefer more natural remedies. When recreational cannabis was legalized in my state, I was excited to give it a try. I’d heard great things about the potential of cannabis-infused topicals. When I visited the dispensary, the budtender was wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable. She explained the different strains and the influence of various terpenes. While the cannabinoids interact with receptors located in the upper layer of the skin, the terpenes absorb and offer a different type of therapeutic effect. Because the cannabis topicals are mixed with essential oils, they smell very nice. They are easy to apply, absorb quickly and are non-psychoactive. I am able to concentrate on specific patches of skin and apply the topicals multiple times per day.
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