Doris the cleaning lady left her mop tote in front of the door

Each Sunday plus Thursday night, there is a cleaning lady that handles all of the tasks at the marijuana dispensary & Lounge.

The cleaning lady has been working for the marijuana dispensary plus lounge for over 5 years.

She has the code to the front door plus a key to the back door. The cleaning lady washes the windows, cleans the floors, plus dusts all of the products; Last Thursday night, there was a new cleaning lady named Doris working with the regular cleaning lady. The lady showed up as I was closing down the dispensary for the night. It usually takes a couple of minutes for the cleaning lady to finish with all of their work. I can see when the alarm has been set, so I see when they leave each night. When I came to work the next morning after the cleaning lady worked, I couldn’t get the front door open. The cleaning lady lady left a big tote of mop water resting in front of the door. The front door opens into the building. I didn’t have any other way to open the door without knocking the tote over. I generally tried to transfer the door plus the tote at the very same time, however it was completely full plus the water was sloshing from side to side. I finally had to just push the tote over. I had water all over the floor of the saleroom plus I had to spend the next hour cleaning the floors. I contacted the cleaning ladies plus I told them I was displeased with the service from the previous night.


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