I could purchase a smokable flower, but my partner said no.

Last week, I was looking up the difference between smoking marijuana or vaping marijuana.

It seemed to me that vaping wasn’t just more complicated when you were using marijuana flower, but it was more dangerous.

I had asthma and my partner didn’t like the idea of my smoking or vaping marijuana flower. He said he liked having me around and he knew how I reacted when I was around anyone who was smoking. I was glad he loved me and was always looking out for my well-being, but I had to do something. My back pain was getting so severe that I could barely walk, and my doctor told me that medical marijuana could be the answer. We talked about surgery, but the doctor didn’t think it was going to help since a lot of my pain was spinal arthritis. I got my medical marijuana card and headed to the marijuana dispensary. I talked to one of the budtenders and asked about the medical marijuana flower. When my partner told him about the asthma, he said he thought I would be better off with something else. I ended up getting RSO. RSO is a type of concentrated oil that can be used in many different ways. After getting a website that would give me recipes that used RSO, I was off and running. My pain isn’t completely gone, but I am walking without a walker, and only using a cane. Medical marijuana may have saved my life. Medical marijuana has definitely made a difference in my relationship with my partner because I am helping more in the house.

Medical Marijuana