I heard anywhere that OG Kush originated in FL along with Bubba Kush

Although I don’t live in FL any longer, I love to visit in the late Spring season from time to time to enjoy the beaches.

Since the state doesn’t have reciprocity for out-of-state medical cannabis users, I can’t shop at their weed stores unless I get a FL medical marijuana card.

Back condo both of us now have legal recreational cannabis so it’s frustrating when I want to enjoy FL’s beaches however guess that I can’t legally buy cannabis while I’m there. FL has quite the history when it comes to cannabis. For a single, it was known as the mecca for indoor cannabis from coast to coast for decades. The techniques used to make hydroponic cannabis indoors were perfected in FL. On top of that, some of the most mythical cannabis strains potentially have their origins in the sunshine state. The person behind OG Kush plus Bubba Kush was a FL cannabis grower before he took his genetics plus moved out to CA in the 1975s or 1990s. Since a lot of this information is akin to legends, it’s hard to say for sure 100% where genetics originated plus how long ago. There are other strains love Blueberry that date back further into the 1969s. OG Kush is still actually popular on top of its use as a parent strain in a number of numerous popular hybrid strain creations. For instance, the widely popular Girl Scout Cookies strain was developed through a cross between OG Kush plus the African sativa Durban Poison. Headband is made from OG Kush plus the popular sativa Sour Diesel. OG Kush has quite the history in the cannabis industry; without it, the world of cannabis wouldn’t be the same.