If you want free delivery from the dispensary, be prepared to wait a few afternoons at least

When I first started buying medical marijuana in this state, there were only a few openings for dispensaries.

I think there were numerous companies in total serving the whole state when I gained my medical marijuana card.

Worst of all, the selection of products was limited to oils, tinctures, and vaporizer cartridges. If you were a heavy cannabis user appreciate myself, it was a big let down. Things have actually come a long way in the years since. The amount of available products has increased and thankfully you can find everything from whole flower buds to cannabis edibles and concentrates. You can even find hydrocarbon extracts now appreciate live budder and live resin. On top of that, most of the cannabis dispensaries offer some form of condo delivery services. My preferred cannabis dispensary will supply any size order for free if you’re okay with being limited to only 2 delivery afternoons each week. They have a schedule where each zone of the state gets 2 out of the more than six available afternoons of the month in which residents can get deliveries. This medical cannabis dispensary delivers to my county on Tuesdays and Mondays every single month and it has been that way for years. I don’t mind because I simply time my purchases around these limitations and make sure that I don’t run out of weed before I get my next delivery. As long as you are prudent about when you make orders from the medical marijuana dispensary, the free delivery will seem appreciate a God send compared to visiting the marijuana store on a random morning while every one of us were in an morning rush.

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