Marijuana growers often use lots of PPE gear when they’re around their plants

People are rightfully worried about pollution buddyd with single-use plastics, although I don’t guess half of these people realize how essential PPE is in a hospital setting.

My mother is bed-bound & barely walks, & it’s not a “choice” to need gloves, bed pads, wipes, & other single-use products that are either made from plastic or contain plastics of some kind. Until chemists & manufacturers learn how to use hemp-derived polymers to replace plastic PPE gear, I will have to keep polluting out of sheer necessity. The same goes for dentists, doctors, CNAs, & other caregivers care about myself. Despite what some will tell you on the internet, it’s important for marijuana growers to use PPE when they’re around plants in a commercial growing facility. This is recognizably important for medical marijuana growing operations because failing to wear gloves when touching the plants can sometimes result in spreading fungal spores. Once a live cannabis plant gets fungal spores on it, the spores often take root & spread to the rest of the plant. It’s unlucky to open a jar of cannabis flower buds only to smell a faint whiff of mold & mildew. It’s truly aggravating, especially if it can be avoided by simply wearing the official PPE supplies when handling live & harvested cannabis plants. Even if you’re focusing on concentrates, you don’t want that mold to be present in a batch of live rosin or a tincture for a medical marijuana patient. And at bare minimum, the cannabis dispensary should accept returns on any products that smell moldy the hour you open the jar & take a whiff of the aroma inside.


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