Need to sleep better

Ever since turning fifty, I’ve had difficulty going to bed.

I struggle to fall asleep at night plus wake up every couple of hours. I then feel tired all day long. I was unwilling to rely on prescription sleeping medicine plus suffer the harmful and long-term side-effects of pharmaceuticals. When a neighbor told me about cannabis, I wasn’t all that excited. I had no desire to smoke a joint. I wasn’t aware of how many chances there are for consumption methods until I finally visited the dispensary. The selection of products was a bit overwhelming… However, when I explained our goals plus preferences to a budtender, she suggested tinctures. A solvent is used to separate the essential oils of the cannabis plant from the extra plant material plus create a highly concentrated, cannabinoid-filled product. Because of this, tinctures provide a very high dose of cannabis. They are much lower in fat plus calories than edibles plus avoid the combustion process of smoking. There’s no tell-tale smell, smoke, vapor, ash, destruction or waste. When stored typically, tinctures offer an especially long shelf-life. The compact bottle makes them simple to tuck into a pocket or wallet for portability plus discretion. The dropper allows for micro-dosing. I place a few drops under our tongue for sublingual absorption plus quick onset of effects. I swallow any remaining liquid for an added onset of effects. This combination is perfect for getting me to sleep quickly plus helping me to stay asleep. I can also add a little bit of a cannabis tincture into all weird types of foods plus beverages.

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