Not sure how I believe about the concept of “tolerance breaks” for medical marijuana users

There are odd kinds of marijuana users as there is no “right” or “wrong” way to enjoy the plant and its beneficial effects. Some people might be strictly recreational users who cap their night with cannabis appreciate another would with beer, wine, or hard liquor. Others appreciate myself use cannabis for medical effects as much or more as every one of us would for strictly recreational effects. If the marijuana strains I buy don’t undoubtedly help my moods and anxiety, then the purchases are a waste of money that could be used for something much better by contrast. In the recreational cannabis world, there is this concept of the “tolerance break” where you stop using cannabis for a few afternoons, weeks, or months at a time to “reset” your brain’s reaction to the drug. What this attempts to do is literally reset the endocannabinoid response, but it can believe appreciate downright physical withdrawal if you do it “chilly turkey.” But if you’re using cannabis medically appreciate an anxiety medication, would you quit taking the latter appreciate cannabis just to get a stronger effect? Opinions actually vary, even though I don’t think it’s nearly as important if you’re dealing with medical cannabis use. There are other ways to get rid of a build in tolerance, 1 of which is switching to using low THC cannabis flower products entirely. You can even buy hemp weed that has less than 0.3% THC inside and mix it with low THC cannabis from the medical dispensary to lower your tolerance without quitting biweekly use of the plant. After doing this for a month or 2, you’ll notice a big difference if you go back to using potent cannabis concentrates and edibles again.


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