Online presence is misleading

Have you ever been excited to order something online, but once it arrives, you realize it isn’t any good? I try to avoid this scenario by doing a lot of research.

I look at pictures and ask around before investing.

I still get disappointed from time to time though. I decided to look into the options for legal weed. I was looking for a topical to treat the pain and inflammation of arthritis. I am a former college athlete. I workout everyday. The strenuous training regimen results in a long list of pain and injuries. I had heard that cannabis topicals help with inflammation and swelling. I started searching around online and the same cannabis dispensary kept coming up. Everytime I typed in a different keyword, that dispensary was the first choice. I figured that they must hire a dispensary SEO company to help them. The website was set up just beautifully too. The pictures appeared very professional and the store seemed expansive in them. The topical selection offered a wide list of possibilities and descriptions on the cannabinoids and effects each of them include. I chose that dispensary and headed over. It didn’t take long to realize that the SEO corporation had outdone themselves, and that the store didn’t measure up. The pictures were misealing. The place was not nearly as big as I had imagined. It was about the size of my kitchen. The topical selection wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped and the staff wasn’t helpful. I left without purchasing. The cannabis dispensary has the best digital SEO to attract consumers, but they need to work on their service and products. I moved onto a new place and found some great topicals.


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