The delivery guy reminded me of my little brother

When my little brother was 15 years old, he was diagnosed with a rare brain disease.

The doctors only gave him 6 months to live, but he did not pass away until he was 20.

I was very close with my little brother and it crushed me when he died. I think about my brother almost every single day. I have a lot of anxiety and depression and I cope with these mental problems by using medical marijuana. I’ve had a prescription from the doctor for medical marijuana for the past year. Medical marijuana absolutely helps me cope with the pain that I still feel everyday. Most of the time I go to the dispensary when I want to purchase new products. Last week the weather was really cold and rainy, so I decided to order delivery instead. The medical marijuana clinic that I frequently use has free delivery. I ordered from the online menu. About an hour after I placed the order, a delivery guy knocked on the door. I opened up the door and nearly fainted when I saw the delivery guy. The delivery guy looked exactly like my little brother. It was almost like seeing a ghost. I took a couple of steps back and I must have looked very strange because the delivery driver asked if I was going to be okay. I did not tell the guy that he looked like my brother, but I did give the guy a good tip. I can’t believe how much he looked like Jack. The guy could have been his long lost twin.

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