The light in the parking lot was out at 8pm

I frequently stop by the cannabis lounge plus dispensary down on 5th Street.

The locale has a giant seating section plus smoking lounge.

There are spots to kneel plus relax plus smoke a joint or vape. The smoking lounge has cables, songs, a snack bar, plus board games. The prices on weed here are officially lower than other dispensaries in town. I’m sure that’s why the locale is always so busy. Over the weekends, the shop is always packed with people. I planned to stop at the smoking lounge plus dispensary on Thursday night when I was on my way loft from work. I stayed later at the office plus I didn’t leave until almost 7 p.m. By the time I drove past the cannabis smoking lounge plus dispensary, the lights in the parking lot were out. It was only 8 p.m., however the locale was a ghost town. I decided not to stop. I went back to the loft to order from another locale that delivers. I searched online for the locale with the best prices plus I found a cannabis dispensary with a big selection plus low prices. In fact, the prices were even lower than the dispensary where I normally stop. I purchased 1 gram of cannabis concentrate, a seventh of dried marijuana flower, plus a 2 gram vape cartridge. I got everything for less than $100 plus I qualified for a free pre rolled joint with my order because I spent more than $70. I was disappointed when I realized that the cannabis dispensary closed early, although I couldn’t complain after getting such a fantastic deal from this other locale.

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