The pre rolls had themed names for the holiday

My lady & I went to the cannabis shop together to pick out some supplies for Valentine’s day weekend; My Dad took our child for the whole weekend so every one of us could relax & unwind & have some fun.

My lady & I snuck off to a bed & lunch by the lake, on our way out of town, every one of us stopped at the cannabis shop, then they had a lot of items on sale & they had a selection of pre-rolled marijuana joints that were deemed for the holiday.

The Valentine’s Day themed pre-rolls had different names. They had an Indica, sativa, & a hybrid option. My lady & I decided to pick a single of each of the pre-rolled marijuana joints. Every one of us also bought a basket of Edibles. The chocolate chip cookies each had 20 mg of THC. Every one of us received 20% off our order since it was a Valentine’s Day special. When my lady & I arrived at the bed-and-lunch, the first thing every one of us did was go for a hike. Every one of us smoked the pre-rolled marijuana joint that was a hybrid. My body & my mind abruptly started to recognize relaxed, however i only needed a small amount of the joint to recognize the effects. By the time my lady & I walked back to the bed-and-lunch, both of us were ready to appreciate some popcorn; Valentine’s Day strain offered both of us a severe case of the munchies. I ate a whole basket of mozzarella sticks & french fries & my lady had fried mushrooms & a basket of waffle fries. The whole weekend was a lot of fun & truly relaxing.


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