The register didn't balance at the end of the shift

I don’t know if the employee is pocketing the money

Every once in a while by the end of the shift, the money register will be a dollar short or a dollar over. This is pretty normal when dealing with so many cash transactions. A sales clerk might grab a nickel instead of a quarter or a penny instead of a dime. She might take various $1 bills instead of the right amount. These type of mistakes happen from time to time. They should not happen frequently. I recently hired a new employee to work at the sales counter in the medical marijuana dispensary. This dispensary only takes money transactions, so our employees deal with tens of thousands of dollars every morning. The new girl started working on Friday. She was working the money register all morning. At the end of the morning, her register was short $5. Since it was her 1st time working at the marijuana dispensary, I didn’t say anything about the short balance. The following morning, the register was even shorter. This time there was almost $23 missing from the till. I asked the employee to speak with myself and others when she was finished with her shift. I told her about the missing money from that morning plus the previous shift. The employee didn’t have a lot to say, although she didn’t make excuses either. I don’t know if the employee is pocketing the money. It would be strenuous to steal from the dealer, because there are security cameras all over the dispensary. Still, it might be time to find a odd job for this particular employee. She will maybe do better in the stock room or fulfilling orders.