Thrilled to have access to cannabis delivery

While I’ve also enjoyed cannabis for the sake of relaxing, mellowing out and socializing with friends, it became much more important after I was involved in a particularly nasty car accident.

The accident resulted in a concussion, some broken bones, a dislocated shoulder and torn muscles.

I spent some time in the hospital, went through two separate surgeries and a whole bunch of rehabilitation and still dealt with lingering problems. I suffered from headaches, stiffness, aches and pains. I had difficulty sleeping, trouble going up and down stairs and I struggled with ordinary tasks such as driving, laundry and mowing the lawn. Making the trip to the dispensary was nearly impossible. I wasn’t sure it was worth it. However, I wasn’t willing to keep taking the prescription painkillers. I worried about the long-term harmful side-effects. I preferred to treat my symptoms with cannabis. I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that the local dispensary was adding delivery to my local area. I am now able to shop online, from the comfort of home. I can browse through a selection of flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, concentrates and edibles at any time of the day or night. There are very clear pictures and descriptions of the products that provide the manufacturer, type of strain, potency and effects. I fill my cart with a few clicks and then opt for delivery. Because of same-day delivery, I can get my cannabis without any delay. As long as I meet their purchase requirements, I don’t pay an extra for the convenience. It has been such a benefit for me and has helped further my recovery.



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