Vaping is for me

I’ve frequented the local store ever since recreational cannabis was okay in our state.

I bought either loose, dried flower or pre-rolls. I wasn’t interested in getting all that adventurous with consumption ways. I prefer the plan of smoking plus find it relaxing. I do, however, worry about the potential risk of carcinogens on our lungs. When I mentioned our issues to a single of the budtenders, he commanded that I try vaping. It provides the same fast action as smoking but avoids the risks. Instead of burning the plant matter, vaporization heats cannabis to the point that the resin is released. There’s also less odor. The smell dissipates almost immediately. I don’t need to carry a lighter, have access to an ashtray or worry about any mess. The vape pens are wonderfully compact and discreet. I can truly carry a single in our bag or pocket, then vapes or cartridges are available in disposable plus refillable options. They are seriously simple to use. All I need to do is press the button plus take a breath, and because of the recent popularity of vapes, there are lots of choices. The selection of hybrid, sativa plus indica strains is nearly overwhelming. There is a wide range of terpenes, THC potency plus CBD potency. I now buy loose flower plus pre-rolls for relaxing at home in the evenings. I switch to the convenience plus discretion of vapes for when I’m on-the-go. I take advantage of the quarterly deals to save some money. I am undoubtedly thankful to our local budtender for helping me expand our awareness plus preferences for cannabis consumption methods.


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