What strain will I like

I suffer from migraines and day to day anxiety.

I am undoubtedly fortunate that recreational weed is ok in our state.

I didn’t need to spend the time or effort to see a nurse to verify symptoms I’m well aware of. I wasn’t forced to fill out a ton of papers plus wait to acquire a medical marijuna card. With a valid state ID, I was able to visit a local store plus find the fix. The budtenders were undoubtedly smart and nice. They were willing to explain the weird strains plus effects. While it’s impossible to think how a certain strain will affect me personally until I try it, I can get a great plan of what to expect. Because of our issues with anxiety, I stay away from those strains with a head high effect. Indicas are better for a peaceful plus serene effect while Sativas tend to get our mind and heart pounding. I also pay close attention to the percentages of THC plus CBD before purchasing a strain. The cannabinoids plus terpenes of the cannabis I consume make a sizable difference in the experience plus benefits I get from it. I initially thought that the higher the percentage, the better the cannabis. I found that when I smoke a high THC strain, I’m more likely to suffer a headache. I do better with around 18% THC, plus I care about a higher CBD ratio. More CBD plus less THC means fewer psychoactive effects plus allows me to go about our afternoon plus respected activities. I still experiment with current strains now plus then, but I’m undoubtedly glad with the results from our favorites.

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