Who made the laws pertaining to what type of marijuana product I could purchase?

When I got my medical marijuana card, I thought I would be able to get any marijuana product I wanted. I was thinking that I could purchase gummies or some other type of edible, like my daughter did who lived in another state. In our state, they sold marijuana flowers that you weren’t supposed to smoke, but you could do some scientific experiments on it and use it for vaping. They sold stuff that you could hold under your tongue for thirty seconds, and it almost made me hurl from the taste and the way my mouth was salivating. I wanted to know why they weren’t selling space cakes, candy, drinks, and gummies, like they have in marijuana stores in other states. They told me that in the state I was referring to, they had legalized recreational marijuana. The budtender said that our state felt that these types of marijuana products would be too much like recreational marijuana than medical marijuana. I wanted to know who made the laws pertaining to what type of marijuana products I could purchase. I spent almost $300 to obtain my medical marijuana ID card, and I couldn’t get the medical marijuana products I wanted. One of the budtenders gave me a website to go to. I found all types of recipes on how to make edibles with my legal medical marijuana, and I was really grateful. He told me that although they couldn’t sell the edibles I was looking to purchase, it wasn’t illegal for me to make gummies or even chocolate that was infused with medical marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Card Renewal