Would much rather smoke over booze

At the end of the day I would much rather be high than drunk, but when recreational weed became legal my life changed, i used to go to the bar with my friends and try to resist drinking.

I hated that when I drank I would be deranged and sloppy.

I tend to lose motor skills and fall down. I hated peeing in the bar lavatorys and taking in pointless calories due to the mixers, and booze is pretty lavish for not a good product. I don’t even enjoy the taste of alcohol. I would be buying some I don’t enjoy or the sensation I get afterwards. What actually stunk was the hangover next door. I would be vomiting, have a headache and be out of commission. I couldn’t toil out, do some toil and the rest of my weekend would be wasted; Now that recreational pot is allowed, it is a whole current world. Being high is so much safer. I am calm and reflective or focused and fun. I can smoke in the safety of my own current home since I live near a recreational weed dispensary. I don’t have to worry about dirty lavatorys or getting hurt. I also don’t fall down, get loud or totally ruin my following day. After you smoke and come down from the high, that is it, and there is no hangover or sickness. I can enjoy my Tuesday with a good workout, get some toil done and believe good all day. I don’t understand how anyone would rather drink booze over smoking a joint.

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