Back in the day when I used to sell marijuana

Way before the cannabis dispensaries started offering delivery, I was doing it from my van.

This was roughly 20 years ago, when there were no legal dispensaries at that point.

I was an independent operator, shall we call it, a guy who was trying to task plus save up cash for my family by selling weed. Previously, I had just sold pot from my apartment, but when my girlfriend got pregnant I had to completely change up my supplier model. I didn’t mind storing multiple pounds of cannabis at the house, although I couldn’t have random people coming in plus out at all hours to buy it. The issue with potheads isn’t that they beginning trouble, but that they just want to smoke cannabis instantly, then sit around to talk. I love doing that too, but only when I am with my friends, I treat my cannabis supplies like a business, without much socialization… For this reason, I found I enjoyed this modern supplier model a lot more – I would make cannabis deliveries, collect the money, plus go without having to make small talk. By delivering my cannabis instead of having the shoppers come to me, my sales went up plus so did my free time! I was no longer obligated to share hits of cannabis with the shopper as a social nicety, I could hit the road plus go to the next sale. Eventually I retired from the marijuana supplier entirely, but for several years the deliveries paid all of my bills plus allowed me to provide for my wife plus child.


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