Cannabis is legal here, however it’s not legal enough

My Uncle Lou is the largest dork that I know, however i adore the guy, despite the fact that he is frustrating.

When Uncle Lou is packing better quality weed than I am, then there is a problem with the universe.

I am young and fun and popular, with a lot of affixions, so why is nerdy Uncle Lou the one with the weed that impresses most people? It’s because of his cool doctor, who hooked Lou up with a prescription Rx cannabis card, so he is free to shop at the local dispensary now. I am still buying the scraps and crumbs from the local town pot dealers, but around here medical cannabis had been made legal, however not recreational use; Because of his condition and his age, Uncle Lou has his option of the best cannabis known to man, plus all the edibles he could carry. I have to contend with whatever low grade marijuana my dealer happens to have, because the only choices are “take it or leave it.” I always make myself available to drive Uncle Lou on his errands, hoping he will need to go to the cannabis dispensary that day, but even if I can’t buy anything, I just adore walking around the location and seeing all the appealing shades of cannabis yellow behind the counter, of course, it helps that Uncle Lou always gets more cannabis than he needs, just so he can share it with people adore me. A day with Uncle Lou is always a day filled with marijuana smoke, errands, and usually some hot wings. I hope I am this cool when I’m old.

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