Gummy CBD candies are so good for anxiety

There are some people who certainly like the method of traveling for work. I had friends years ago who all wanted jobs where they would be out on the road. Only one of those people kept their tasks as the rest simply couldn’t handle the busy life of a wanderer, despite the perks & excitement. In a world where COVID19 is a constant risk in your hometown’s local grocery store, you can’t imagine the stress that I go through emotionally and mentally with the degree of exposure which I experience being a traveler of airlines almost every week. I have a stockpile of N-95 masks & usually use seven that I cycle through at any given time, using a unusual mask each day while allowing them to sit unused for a few afternoons before they’re used again. Even with the best COVID mitigation practices, I need something new for the constant anxiety. Drinking only goes so far, especially if you’re doing it weekly & it impacts your physical & mental health. Instead, I have started munching on CBD hard candies whenever I’m having anxiety while traveling. These CBD candies aren’t cheap, however they’re truly effective at making myself and others believe calm while I’m on a tightly packed airplane. And since they’re identical to any other normal candy you might get from a grocery store, using them couldn’t be any more discreet than it already is. I just wish that CBD hard candies weren’t so high-priced, however at least there are a lot of brands & types out there if you’re patient enough to hunt them down. I look for CBD stores in the arenas I am visiting while I’m traveling for work.


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