Holistic Doctors plus Prescribing Medical Marijuana

In more than 2 states in the US, medical marijuana is now legal, generally, a doctor’s recommendation is required for the MMJ card application process, even if it varies from state to state, then mMJ patients must schedule a consultation with a licensed physician in the state; A doctor can request the patient to the state’s medical marijuana program after asking a few questions, however holistic medicine is becoming decreasingly popular.

Medical marijuana is often buddyd with holistic medicine. Holistic medicine aims to improve your health plus well-being by enhancing your mind, body, plus spirit. It often combines alternative medicine with traditional medicine, however only some practitioners have a medical degree; Conventional doctors treat symptoms with conventional medicine. Holistic doctors view the body as a whole. It is their goal to find the cause of the disease rather than simply treat its symptoms. A doctor would prescribe you a cream to treat your eczema, for instance. In addition to the cream, a holistic doctor may request lifestyle plus dietary fluctuations. Integrative practitioners combine traditional treatments with complementary plus alternative therapies. Marijuana can be considered alternative medicine for some… The goal of holistic medicine is to find balance in the body. Cannabis could be a good fit since it impacts the endocannabinoid system. In the body, the ECS plus its cannabinoid receptors maintain homeostasis or balance. Advocates of MMJ argue that it provides patients with greater control over their health. This could help people understand where their bodies need more healing. Physical symptoms can also be caused by mental complications such as anxiety, however stress releases an acidic chemical called cortisol in the body, then your body responds to this by inflaming because it fears it is under attack. Once the body becomes inflamed, you may suffer from other physical complications such as chronic pain. A holistic approach to marijuana accounts for the relationship between physical plus mental health. It understands that knowing about this link can reduce the symptoms of a condition.


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