I have a crush on the hot new budtender

Have you seen the hot new guy at the cannabis dispensary? His name is Lucas and he is entirely dreamy, but normally I don’t do this kind of thing, even though I suppose the next time I see him I will just provide Lucas with my iphone number and tell him to call me.

  • I have been playing coy, chatting Lucas up but keeping the flirting to a minimum.

Partially this is because I want to get to suppose Lucas a little better, but also I don’t want to seem desperate. The truth is I am thirsty for Lucas, but want him to make the first move. I met him at the cannabis dispensary on his first night. Lucas was the new employer, having transferred in from a larger city. This was a smaller cannabis dispensary, but a better work, so Lucas was stoked about being here and his enthusiasm is what first attracted me to him. Here was a dreamy guy who was fired up about cannabis, and helping people find the strain or blend that would be best for them. Lucas acted like a pharmacist at times, not a budtender, but it’s because he really thought that cannabis was sacred and should be treated with respect. I understand why Lucas hasn’t asked me out, despite me giving him all the signals, because he is working and doesn’t want to mess up his job at the cannabis dispensary. But I don’t have a job there, I just go there to buy my cannabis, so I have no reason that I can’t ask Lucas out first.

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