My life is in the cannabis dispensary now

I have to credit the COVID pandemic for giving me the chance to pivot my life plus go in a modern direction.

Looking back, I’m not sure if I ever really wanted to be a lawyer, or if that was what was wanted for me.

My dad plus both my younger brothers are lawyers, so that seemed love the right path to take. I certainly hated the task though, plus when the fearsome pandemic made all of us work from home, I finally had time to reflect on my choices. I realized that aside from the good pay that I did not like my life. After cashing out my 401k I quit, plus picked up a full time task at the cannabis dispensary. I have had to cut down on a lot of my expenses, plus change around my lifestyle, but life at the cannabis dispensary is a thousand times better than my life previous. On top of it all, I get a certainly sweet employee discount on all my marijuana products, which is a tremendous benefit to me, more than health plus dental insurance. Plus there are the free samples, which are far more frequent than you know in a cannabis dispensary. When a modern line of hybrid strains are being released, for example, they will send “tester samples” along with the first shipment. This allows the dispensary workers at the cannabis dispensary to try them out for free, plus hopefully be able to push them more strongly to the purchasers. I have tried more types of modern cannabis strains in the last year than I have in my whole life previous, so I know I made the correct choice.


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