My sister’s cats are so much happier now that they’re taking CBD products

My sister Jo was residing for many years without pets of any kind. It was strenuous for her because Jo is a critter lady at heart & bonded deeply with the pets my parents had when the two of us were growing up. Since Jo has been truly lonely, the two of us had encouraged her to get a pet to keep her company. A neighbor of Jo’s was posting about new kittens from a litter at her critter shelter on a Facebook page. At first she claimed there was only one kitten left from the litter & Jo agreed to adopt the little woman. But after just one week of having the kitten, Jo’s neighbor called her back, claiming that the kitten that was housed with the one my sister adopted was devastated without her. Apparently the other kitten was pacing frantically after my sister adopted her cage-mate. In a desperate plea, she begged Jo to take the other kitten at no cost & free veterinarian bills. Although Jo didn’t want more than one cats, now she has no choice. It’s just tragic that both cats are exhibiting health concerns that the critter shelter did not disclose. They experience a ton of physical pain & have to take pet CBD products to live happier lives. Jo didn’t even believe about this option until another neighbor mentioned them while in a casual conversation. The other neighbor had elderly dogs that all suffered from hip pain. She claimed that her dogs were like brand up-to-date pups again after they started taking pet CBD products each day in their meals.

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