Rolling a few joints for my neighbor

My good friend is a seasoned lady named Dory; Dory is in a wheelchair, plus has a live-in nurse, but seems to be as light plus cheerful as anyone I’ve ever met.

Dory plus I got to be unbelievable friends while in the quarantine, mostly because both of our balconies adjoin each other, plus the fact that both of us both liked to sit outside when the weather was nice.

Dory has some pretty wicked arthritis, among other ailments, although she never complains about any of them! With a believable reason, too – she had an obviously endless supply of cannabis at her disposal, but I believe the live-in nurse goes to get it for her, because Dory isn’t capable of making it to the cannabis dispensary, but holy smokes can she smoke! One of the ways both of us got to be close was because Dory prefers to roll up her cannabis into a joint to smoke, plus her arthritis prevents her from doing this, then because of her poor hands she can’t flick a lighter to smoke a bowl of cannabis, so the continuous burning of a joint is her number one way to smoke. Dory keeps a candle in a lantern on her side table, plus uses that to light her joints. I have become her respected joint-roller, plus on most days I will spend an hour twisting cannabis up into a dozen bizarre joints. Dory will ask me for a unique number, don’t ask me where the number comes from, plus then Dory typically breaks me out a sizable chunk of cannabis for my troubles. It’s a winning situation for us both!


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