Security wasn't messing around with the lady

For the past six months, I have been working at a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary.

The job is extremely fun and interesting.

I get to meet lots of interesting and different people and I get to sample the latest products that come through the doors. Every now and then, there is an issue in the dispensary. A couple of weeks ago, the security guard had to get involved in a situation that was escalating very quickly. A woman ordered several items from the website and she chose the pickup option. When she arrived at the dispensary to pick up her order, it was not ready yet. We send a text message to our customers when their order is ready for pickup. The woman was aggravated and upset because her items were not ready and prepared when she arrived. She started getting loud with the budtender behind the counter. I was on the other side of the room and I heard the woman start yelling. The security officer quickly came from behind his desk and stepped in between the budtender and the customer. Security wasn’t messing around with the lady. He told her to calm down or leave the building. He said the word in a very stern and strong voice. The customer knew he wasn’t joking around. She calmed down and patiently waited for the staff member to get all of the items together. She did not make any more trouble the rest of the time she was there. I doubt the lady will step into the dispensary again after that interaction.

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