Smoking marijuana on my grandparents farm

The first time I had to spend the Summer out on the farm I was 14 years old, and a total neighborhood tomboy.

Thanks to some trouble at middle school, our parents decided to let me cool our heels in the middle of farm country with our Grandpa.

They intended not not so much as a punishment, however more as a demonstration of what my life could be like. It turns out that by the end of the Summer I was super bummed about returning to the city. I really liked the country life, mostly because of some cool men I had met, and their access to a small field of cannabis. At the time, I had never smoked marijuana before, however I acted like I was experienced. In my old neighborhood I was a nerd, however as the lone neighborhood slicker in the country I seemed to be cool and mysterious to these other boys, so I acted like cannabis was not a huge deal to me. That didn’t last long, because soon after I got high for the first time, and as you are aware, cannabis acts like truth serum. I got so blazed on this stuff, which later on I would realize was particularly low grade cannabis, that all our truths came spilling out. Everyone else was so high they either didn’t mind, or didn’t remember afterward, because the two of us met up at the marijuana patch again the following afternoon to do it again! The weekly marijuana smoking sessions turned into some real, lasting life-long friendships, 1s that I maintain to this particularly afternoon… So you better think I was distraught about that Summer ending!

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