Take it from an SEO specialist; your website sucks.

Last month, I invested in an online CBD company franchise.

I knew the first thing I had to do was to create a website that would not just be beautiful, but would showcase all the CBD products that I had for sale.

I worked for three days trying to make everything as easily navigated as possible. When my sister came to visit, she asked me what I was working on. Knowing Sarah had been working with an online web design company, I was happy to show her what I was doing. I was not prepared for her to laugh at me. I definitely wasn’t prepared when she told me to take it from an SEO specialist, that my website sucks. It devastated me that she was laughing at me, but I knew she would help me fix it. She not only made my website beautiful and navigable, but she also filled it with SEO. She told me that along with adding all the keywords to my web design; she was also going to create accounts for me and every social media site they had. She was going to put ads for my online CBD company franchise on all the social media websites. I know I was upset when Sarah told me that my website sucks, but I knew she was just being honest. Sarah and I are not just sisters, but we are friends, and she was helping me to build my CBD company franchise by creating a wonderful website that would attract customers for me. I offered to pay her for the web design, but she said she would just purchase her CBD products from me, and I could give her a discount.
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