The cannabis infused drinks were really sugary sweet

One of my friends told me about a cannabis infused drink that they purchased at the dispensary.

He said the drink was really yummy.

The cannabis infused drink had a very high amount of THC. You weren’t supposed to drink the whole bottle at once, but doing so would give you a really big rush and high. When the cannabis infused drinks were on sale at the dispensary, I decided to buy a couple of the products. I purchased one of the grape flavored drinks as well as one of the lemon flavored drinks. Drinks were extremely sweet and almost too thick to enjoy. The taste of the drink reminded me of cough syrup. It was incredibly disgusting. Even when I mixed the drink with a different kind of soda pop, the flavor was still pretty gross. I tried mixing Sprite with the grape Elixir and I also tried mixing grape soda. Even water didn’t help with the sickness and flavor. I spent $25 for each one of the cannabis infused drinks and it was a complete and total waste of money. I drank half of the grape flavored drink and the lemon flavored drink is still sitting on the shelf in my apartment. It will probably remain there forever, unless one of my friends decides to drink it. It’s nice to try new products from the cannabis dispensary. I’ve had a lot of good experiences with edibles and tinctures. Unfortunately, this was one of the rare times when the product was actually too good to be true.
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