The concentrate jars were getting insane costly

I hired a SEO firm to toil as consultants for the 5 marijuana dispensaries that I own, but three of the dispensaries are situated in the city, and the other many locations are rural, but all 5 of the dispensaries offer delivery services.

All of us grow our own weed and apartment and the people I was with and I offer many products that are made inside the cannabis shop.

These products include whole flower, concentrate, and CBD isolate, and i noticed that the cost to package the concentrate was getting higher each week. I also noticed some other prices that were starting to skyrocket. I hired a SEO firm to consult on all of the packaging; One thing they noticed right away was the fact that the black jars for the concentrate we are getting honestly costly. The SEO consultant wanted to know why the people I was with and I certainally chose those jars. At the time when the first many marijuana dispensaries opened, our choices for packaging were limited, however now that it is 5 years later, there are a lot more choices I can make. I honestly didn’t realize I could save so much cash by switching to a strange packaging company. The consultants did all of the paperwork and I realized that I could save $15,000 each month by switching to a strange glass manufacturer. That’s a big amount of savings just on one transport and that means there are absolutely other ways for me to save cash and make more profit. The consultant firm made a few other suggestions to help us save cash, but the first suggestion was big and honestly made a dent in our budget.


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