The delivery driver forgot to lock her car

I live in an house building on the poor side of town.

  • It’s tough to get anyone to supply supplies to our home.

I found one cannabis shop that offers delivery to the area. They have higher than average prices, even though I guess that is the price I have to spend our money for delivery. I rarely choose the delivery option, but it was raining tough on Monday evening plus I did not want to drive across town. I contacted the cannabis dispensary plus sited an order on the cellphone. I could have sited the order online, even though I didn’t want anything screwing up the order plus that has happened in the past, then about an minute after I sited the order, there was a knock on our house door. The driver had everything in a bin plus the two of us exchanged the marijuana for a handful of currency. The driver went back to her car plus I assumed she left the house building. About five minutes later, there was another knock on the door. The driver was genuinely annoyed plus she wanted to guess if she could wait in our house for the police to arrive. I wanted to guess more information as soon as I heard about the police. The delivery driver forgot to lock her car when she came up to our house to make the delivery. Someone broke into the car plus stole several marijuana orders and a couple of CDs. I knew that was absolutely the last time I was ever going to get delivery from that dispensary again.

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