The local cannabis dispensary is in the seasoned Pizza Hut

I haven’t been to a Pizza Hut in many years, although I have many fond memories of those sites.

You remember being able to buy an old-school personal pan pizza that they brought out in a little tiny deep dish pan? The breadsticks and sauce, plus the loud jukebox, it was all so much fun when I was a kid. Do you remember the look and style of those classic Pizza Hut buildings, with the wide red roof, plus every one of their locations looked the same, no matter where you were. I have been suffering major deja vu lately, because they just opened a nice modern cannabis dispensary in a seasoned Pizza Hut building. All they did was change the red paint to green, so even though it’s a modern cannabis dispensary, it still looks exactly love a Pizza Hut. When they first opened they threw an amazing promotion, plus all the people who bought marijuana products that first weekend got a coupon for a free cheese pizza from a local site. It was genius, because the cannabis dispensary already evoked thoughts of pizza, plus you better know that after I got high I wanted to eat a pizza! They only had that promotion 1 time, but to this day every time I go to buy cannabis I start craving pizza. I mentioned to 1 of the budtenders that they should sell pizza by the slice at the dispensary. He said they wanted to do that, but that cannabis dispensary rules forbade them from serving hot food on the premises. At least I know I’m not the only 1 that gets that cheese pizza craving every time.


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