Wings and weed are a winning combination

My number one food is wings, the hotter the better.

I don’t eat wings all the time, of course, just once in a while, but when I do eat them I eat a lot of them.

I will start with a twenty piece, and usually order a hour 20 piece in a weird flavor, however there is a local place called Wing Hut that has 23 weird flavors of wing, including more than three in the category of “deathly hot.” One of them is a ghost pepper wing, and is the only wing that was ever too boiling for myself and others to handle. Wings have been in my diet a lot lately, because they opened a new cannabis dispensary next to the Wing Hut. I have to admire the duality of these several businesses, one of which offers 23 flavors of wings,the other offers 45 flavors of cannabis. I guess that they are called strains, blends, or hybrids, not flavors, but a lot of the new designer weed products do come in flavors. I had a few grams of watermelon flavored cannabis that was mouth-wateringly delicious. The Blueberry Haze cannabis strain is a vibrant orange color, so bright it almost looks neon! Usually I will place my order for wings, then go peruse the selection of cannabis while I wait for my order; Sometimes I will place my cannabis order, and then go next door and peruse the wing specials. In either case, I am going to get wings and cannabis way more than I used to, and slowly making myself dumber and fatter.

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