All I need is a little weed

Things have simply gotten too fancy for me.

  • I am an old-school kind of guy, nothing fancy about me.

Going to a restaurant where they brush the crumbs off the table makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like putting on airs and acting like something I’m not. I’m a country boy, so I’ll take a cold beer over a Manhattan any day of the week. I don’t want a sports car, but I would like a new truck one day. When it comes to getting high, I don’t want edibles or shatter or a vape pen, I just want a fat bowl of marijuana. That’s it, just a little regular, old fashioned cannabis that I touch with fire and inhale. It’s cool if people want to do dabs with cannabis wax, all power to them, but it just isn’t for me. If I could grow my own marijuana plants, I would be a happy man. I love my apple tree out back, because I can pluck an apple from it and enjoy it then and there. If I had cannabis on hand like I have apples, things would be perfect. As it stands I am lucky to have access to a cannabis dispensary, where even if the names are fancy, inside the jars is just good old fashioned weed. Once every few months I will buy some rolling papers, because joints and my glass pipe are my two main ways of enjoying cannabis. I think dabs are cool, but it seems like a lot of work when the classic version of cannabis is still the best.

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