Delivery times were high due to the rain

I truthfully love to go to the cannabis dispensary to option out the products that I want.

I love walking around the store to see all of the odd products they have available, then delivery services are nice when it is raining or cold outside.

Each one of the marijuana shops in neighborhood offer delivery services. None of the locales charge a fee for the services as long as you order at least $50 worth of products, and sunday evening it was raining heavily so my girlfriend & I decided to order delivery from the dispensary instead of going downtown to the actual dispensary location. The shop was having a sale on all of the cannabis edibles! A lot of people were picking out edibles from the product line, however my girlfriend & I did not choose any. Edibles are really nice products for people that don’t smoke every day. Since my girlfriend & I respectfully use marijuana products, Edibles with 5 or 10 mg of THC have no effect on our body. Those products are made for a person that only uses marijuana every once in a while. My girlfriend & I ordered a half ounce of Blue Dream marijuana flower as well as more than one jars of cannabis concentrate. All of us got a gram of live resin concentrate that was a sativa & both of us got a gram of cured resin concentrate that was an indica. Since it was eveningtime when both of us earned our order, both of us decided to try the Indica strain first. The OG Kush product was honestly flavorful & potent. I had more than one small dabs of the Indica strain & I felt my head starting to spin.

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