Dispensaries are so expensive.

Given that my husband is uneducated on marijuana products, he had incorrectly assumed that when I went to a marijuana dispensary, it was going to be similar to going to a standard pharmacy.

When he was told he had to speak to a pharmacist, he thought it was because the doctor had sent a prescription telling them what he could benefit from, like a medicinal prescription. Instead, the pharmacist just gave my husband recommendations on what products he could buy. When he was confused by her instruction, she told my husband that he could purchase any quantity of anything in the store that he wanted. Unfortunately, after seeing a variety of the prices, my husband knew he could not afford all that much. My husband had already talked to the pharmacist to ask if our insurance would cover any of the marijuana products. She told him that since marijuana was not yet considered a medical drug, insurance was not yet willing to cover any cost of the marijuana products. A single vial of tincture was priced at over $60 depending on the type. Luckily, they gave my husband a discount code, since he was a first time buyer. Otherwise, there’s no way we could have afforded anything that was in that marijuana dispensary. My husband ended up purchasing a small bottle of pain lotion, plus some capsules that were mostly CBD. Although it was a bit more than we planned on spending, I would be glad to have bought the lotion and capsules, so long as it helps my husband with his muscle aches and pains. Even still, we will likely stay away from the marijuana dispensary due to the high cost of products. If the products we purchased this time around aren’t life changing, we will probably just stick to standard pain medication. In that case, we likely would not come back to the marijuana dispensary in the future.


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