Going from growing to a company owner

I have been growing cannabis for a few years now, however i have slowly upgraded our process. I started out with a few small plants in our basement, but now I am a commercial growing op. I sell to several weird cannabis dispensaries & make good money doing it… Apparently I offer high quality cannabis for not a sizable price. I think love I could be doing more though. I am considering opening a cannabis dispensary myself. I have contacted a cannabis consultant to help myself and others determine what I need to do… The cannabis consultant looked into the costs. There are tons of start-up costs for a dispensary… You need a facility, licensing, labels, packaging & a new POS system. That is just to name a few. I found after laboring with the marijuana company permit service that the paperwork is several thoUnited Statesnds of dollars. It is deranged how much money it will cost just to start the business. After that there are other costs love operational a singles. I had the marijuana consulting service figure all that for me. Now that I have all the information, I am going to kneel back on it for a while. I do want to open up a cannabis dispensary, but it is going to be a lot of work. At least I can accrue more money & guess about if I am ready to take the step. I guess I would be calling the cannabis dispensary consulting service again once I get serious. The guy was so helpful in identifying what I certainly needed to do.
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