Grandma told my mom she used medical marijuana before it was legal.

I went home last week to tell my mom that my doctor had recommended I use medical marijuana to help control my anxieties. I didn’t even have the words out of my mouth, and I could see her getting ramped up to give me a lecture on the evils of using marijuana. Lucky for me, my grandmother was there that afternoon. My mom said something about marijuana, and grandma quickly cut her off. After a quick reminder that my mom had used marijuana long before it was legal, mom calmed down. She also reminded grandma she was much younger and didn’t know any better. I was 22, and in college. I wasn’t using marijuana strictly for pleasure, but the doctor thought it would help my anxieties. Mom still wasn’t convinced that it was the right thing for me to do, and she voiced it ‚ÄĆloudly. Grandma opened up her mouth again. She told my mom that she had been using medical marijuana long before it was legalized. Without medical marijuana, she would not be walking most days because her arthritis was so bad. She told my mom she needed to back off and leave me alone because medical marijuana had proved itself to be a viable medical prescription for helping with many physical and mental ailments. I walked in the mom’s home thinking that I was going to get yelled at for using medical marijuana and walked out of there feeling good about myself and knowing my grandmother a bit more. It ended up being a good day for me.