How do I know which CBD I should use?

I didn’t want to know how he knew so much about CBD and THC

When I was talking to the pharmacist at the marijuana dispensary, I asked her how I know which CBD I should use? She told me ‌it wasn’t a matter of which CBD you use, but the amount of CBD versus THC in the product I am using. I did not know what she was talking about, and I had to pose the question about different CBDs that were listed. She talked to me about terpenes, CBG CBD CBA and a lot of other CB’s that I’ve never heard of. I am more confused now than ever before. She handed me a sheet of paper that showed what I was suffering from, the CBD that would work best for it, and the different combinations of cannabinoids versus the THC. I thanked her for the information and took the paper home with me. I wanted to talk to my husband about all these different CBDs and terpenes, and ask his opinion. He wasn’t sure how it all worked together, but he could glean information from the paper that I couldn’t. He looked at the different products that had the ingredients that I needed and gave me his opinion on what I should be using. When I showed him what I was bringing home with me, he laughed. I didn’t want to know how he knew so much about CBD and THC. I thanked him for the information and headed to the kitchen to fix dinner. I knew that by the end of dinner, he would ask me if I was going to ask how he was so smart about CBD and THC. I ignored him and simply said, ‘Not this time.’


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