I bought the product because I liked the name.

Last month I came home with a marijuana flower for my wife, as she had asked that I go into a marijuana dispensary for her to select some marijuana products.

I had our medical marijuana caretaker’s ID card.

Since I was already going shopping, as well as the marijuana dispensary was less than 1/4 mile away from the grocery store, I agreed to stop for her. As soon as I got into the dispensary, I told them who I was there for and inquired on the status of her online order. While waiting for them to bring it out to me, I started looking around at the marijuana products. I spied one product that was called pinepeach express… Pinepeach express was also on sale, so I bought some for her. When I got home, she asked why I would buy that kind of marijuana product. I told her it was because I like the name, as well as it sounded like it might be fun to use. She explained that this is not a medicinal product, but rather a product that would get her high, which she wasn’t looking to do. Still, she thanked me for making the purchase, and then she began looking for her actual order of marijuana products. When I decided to go for the pinepeach express, I had paid for the entire order, but I must have left one bag on the counter. She called the marijuana dispensary to explain that ‌we would be back within the next hour to grab the rest of her order. The worst part is that she made me return the pinepeach express when both of us got there.

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