I can’t get high from cannabis edibles

For whatever reason, I have developed diverging preferences from almost everyone I know, be it friends, relatives, or fellow workers. I have been told by several people at work that I have the most awful taste in food and drink, even though I suppose it’s just because they all hate it when I bring seafood dishes and nuke them in the microwave in the breakroom. My boss told myself and others 1 day that I was limited to eating fish once a week, which although frustrates me, I can completely see why this is a necessary compromise. Regardless of how I might think personally, I can’t always put my own preferences above those of almost everyone else at work. If we all operated with this mindset, we’d be imposing our beliefs and interests on people everywhere we go. My friends who also use medical marijuana keep telling myself and others that I need to quit vaporizing cannabis and simply eat tasty edibles appreciate RSO and cannabis candies. They don’t understand that a small number of users have a liver that is virtually incapable of processing THC the same way it would in another person’s liver. I happen to be 1 of those people, so taking deranged doses of THC orally does not yield the same effects. If I truly wanted to be blasted on cannabis, I need to take several dabs of cannabis concentrates 1 after another. This would likely make it next to impossible for anyone to function consistently. If my dabs are from indica strains then it will be even worse. I won’t get any work done if I consume that much THC.

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